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Commission Agreement and Terms of Service

-NONE of my work is public domain.

-NONE of my work is free.

-NONE of my work may be manipulated, duplicated, sold or tokenized without my express written consent.

-DO NOT use my work for any purpose without my consent.

By commissioning me you are agreeing to the following terms. Please read carefully.


Please contact me at: for all inquiries.
All communication regarding commission work is to be done through e-mail.


  • All payment should be made via Paypal.

  • You will receive an invoice prior to your puchase with payment details.

  • Payment is due in full upfront for any commission.

  • You’ll receive a low resolution watermarked version for reviews during the draft stages, and will receive the full resolution product only after final payment is made.

General guidelines:

  • Please include visual references and a good description. The more info the better, references, colors, desired elements, etc. 

  • The prices I have specified are only used as guidelines. It depends on the scope of the project.

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.



  • After payment is received, I will start working and send an initial draft, so you can approve and request adjustments if necessary. I will show you the work process a few times until completion.

  • Minor changes are possible at any stage (small details, colors). If you require a major revision at an advanced stage of the work (e.g. change pose) I will charge extra.

  • Size is usually 4000x4000 pixels or more, 300 dpi, delivered in JPG file format for artwork unless you ask otherwise. I will send you a full resolution artwork and a smaller web version that you can post online if you want. Animations will be delivered as an mp4 or webm in 1080p unless requested otherwise.


  • Prices are for personal use only. Commercial use will be considered if requested but will be an additional charge. Unless specified, you may not profit from the art, sell prints or products, etc. You can make prints for personal use only. Twtich Mascot Logos are an exception.

  • You may resize or crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, but you cannot alter the artwork itself.

  • By commissioning me, you’re purchasing my artist labor and a digital copy of your commissioned artwork. I retain all the rights to my work, which include but are not limited to the right to distribute, reproduce, copy and/or use the image as a sample for sales or self-promotion.

  • If you’d like the commission to remain private (not ever published anywhere), please let me know.

  • You are welcome to upload you commission to social media, as long as you give me credit for the work.

  • I reserve the right to reuse sketches and design elements that were rejected by the commissioner for other commissions or personal works.


Refunds and Canceling:

  • If you wish to cancel your commission during the sketch stage you will be refunded 50% of what you’ve paid.

  • If you wish to cancel your commission after the sketching stage, there will be no refund.

  • You’ll receive a full refund if, for any unjustifiable reason, I’m unable to finish the commission.

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